An actively green existence

How Aria buildings are designed and constructed has already changed for the better, but further commitments to a sustainable industry is necessary. And we believe living green extends to how residents’ health and wellbeing is influenced too. Aria’s future aims are wide-ranging and important:

55,874 trees and plants planted to date.

100,000 plants and trees will call Aria projects home by 2032 — greening the lives of residents and reducing carbon emissions within our communities.

Generating green power with solar panels, battery storage and electric vehicles in every building.

Our buildings will be self-generating one megawatt (1,000kw) of power for occupants through solar panels — already 588 panels are connected across all our developments. Our latest residences at Riviere incorporates a 65kW solar panel system, the largest of any Aria project to date with nine Tesla Powerwall batteries to help manage energy storage.

We’ll be using 500 million less potable litres of water.

With already 165 million litres of water saved to date, we're dedicated to respecting this critical resource for the future. Our buildings incorporate rain water tanks and technically sound rain water harvesting practices to reduce our reliance on mains water.

Green roof initiatives to improve the quality of life for our residents.

As one of Australia's pioneers of green rooftops and rooftop amenities, we are actively increasing the amount of recreational space and amenity offering on each project. Expect to have everything you need at your doorstep, from fitness centres to sky lounges to home offices and infinity pools.

Creating the most liveable apartments in Australia.

From double-glazed glass to cross flow ventilated apartments and breathing front doors, we want each apartment to be as liveable as possible, reducing reliance on air-conditioning and power — allowing our residents to enjoy life naturally. Our latest residences at Riviere emphasize these features through cross ventilated ground and residential lobbies throughout.

Creating and upgrading urban farms to provide local and fresh produce for the community.

Traditional broad acre farming is a major contributor to pollution within our cities. Our vision is to help local communities with Urban Farming — upgrading inner city local gardens with small and efficient footprints to help produce local goods for the broader community.

Our commitment

Our places are a catalyst for positive change. From the environment to our community, to the day-to-day lives of our Aria property residents.

Upper House

Aria Property Group acknowledges the Traditional Custodians on whose lands Aria developments are built upon. We pay respect to Elders past, present and emerging.