Brisbane to host 2032 Olympic Games

The International Olympic Committee has announced Brisbane to be the host nation for the 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games.


With the success of Sydney 2000 and Melbourne 1956 Games, Brisbane is set to transform over the next 11 years to host 22 of the 32 Olympic competition venues and will be home to various key non-competition venues including the Olympic and Paralympic Games Athlete’s Village.


With projects already underway to transform Brisbane with Brisbane Metro, Cross River Rail, Green Bridges and the transformation of Victoria Park, these key infrastructure projects are vital to ensuring Brisbane is ready for 2032.


Researchers have predicted that $8.1 billion in benefits to Queensland is expected by hosting the 2032 Games. This will include a $4.6 billion economic boost to tourism and trade and $3.5 billion in social improvements such as health, volunteering and community benefits.


The Games will provide an economic boost, supporting 91,600 full time equivalent jobs in Queensland with a further 122,900 jobs nationally.


Experts predict Brisbane house prices to hit an average median price of $ 1 million well before the commencement of the games, with suburbs near key noted venues tipped to reach $3.9 million.


The work to transform Brisbane into a new world city is underway, and the countdown to Brisbane 2032 is well and truly on.