Aria is passionate about the communities in which we develop.

The Smith Family

The Smith Family is a children’s charity aimed at helping disadvantaged children to get the most out of their education and future. As a major corporate sponsor since 2010, Aria have contributed more than $400,000 to assist The Smith Family.
In addition to providing financial support, Aria mentors students in need, provides work experience and hosts an annual program, ‘Work Inspirations’. Work Inspirations is a landmark initiative which invites fifty students to attend a three-day career workshop, where guidance and inspiration from multiple disciplines such as construction, architecture, events management and retail is offered. It is an extremely rewarding program that has had an immense positive impact on the lives of the young people involved.

Common Ground Queensland
Common Ground aims to end homelessness by creating supportive housing solutions through effective public, private and community partnerships. As a sponsor of Common Ground, Aria provides ongoing financial support for physical rehabilitation programs for disadvantaged members of our community.

Edward Street Collective

For over 130 years Edward Street has been the epicentre of Brisbane’s commerce. Founded in 2016, Aria has been driving the formation of the Edward Street Collective – a trader’s and owner’s association established to advocate and activate Edward Street as Queensland’s premier luxury retail precinct. Aria has placed a number of highly-acclaimed retailers to the precinct, including Hermes, Mont Blanc, Gant, The Cloak Room and Ermenegildo, and continues to activate the street with frequent events and promotions.

Fish Lane Festival

Fish Lane Festival is one of Brisbane’s most iconic food and beverage events, organised and sponsored by Aria. Held annually, the event sees over 10,000 attendees and features signature retailers of South Brisbane and West End, coming together for one night of the year to celebrate Brisbane’s flagship laneway, Fish Lane.

Brisbane Street Art Festival (BSAF)

BSAF is an annual public arts event, gathering artists from around the world to Brisbane to display their unique artwork in public spaces. With support from a number of local and state government organisations, academic institutions and commercial enterprises (like Aria), communities come together to enjoy two weeks of live mural art, music, theatre, exhibitions, creative masterclasses and workshops.

Public Realm
Aria not only invest in their developments, but also the immediate communities in which they develop. In South Brisbane alone, Aria has invested over $200,000 in tree planting, pocket parks and landscaping, over $350,000 in lantern and lighting installations, and over $500,000 in public artwork, murals and sculptures. Place making.

Fish Lane
A key focus in place making for Aria has been in South Brisbane’s iconic laneway, Fish Lane. Since 2014, Aria has worked closely with Brisbane City Council to redevelop the once-derelict backstreet alley. Spanning over 500 metres, Fish Lane now consists of over 40 pieces of art including sculptures, murals, landscaping and lighting. The laneway builds on the Brisbane City Council’s “Vibrant Laneway” initiative and continues Aria’s focus on evolving Fish Lane into Brisbane’s most dynamic dining and arts precinct.


Eden Lane
In Woolloongabba as part of Aria’s landmark Eden Lane development, Aria has invested over $1.5m in laneway upgrades, lighting, art, signage and landscaping to create a retail and urban precinct for the community.

Melbourne Street Lighting
Aria commissioned and installed over 400 individual lanterns to Melbourne Street, rejuvenating the streetscape and atmosphere, and increasing pedestrian security and safety.

Aria Property Group Retail & Commercial Manager, Michael Zaicek (left) and Managing Director, Tim Forrester (right) with The Smith Family children at the annually hosted, Work Inspirations event.