Since 2014, Aria has worked closely with Brisbane City Council to redevelop the once-derelict backstreet alley, transforming it into South Brisbane’s iconic laneway, Fish Lane.

The final piece of the puzzle, block 4 (located between Manning Street and Cordelia Streets) has been completed. Ground plane treatments, bespoke lighting and a fresh mural by renowned Australian artist Sofles, have been extended to the final block of Fish Lane.


Blocks 1 and 2 have also seen some new additions recently, with the Brisbane Street Art Festival bringing in international artists Bao (Hong Kong) and Gris One (Columbia).


Fear not however, this does not mark the completion of the dynamic and ever-changing laneway, as new sculptures, murals, parkland, restaurant/bar and an exciting new concept are all ear marked for the near future. Stay tuned for more updates on this!


Spanning over 500 metres, Fish Lane now consists of over 40 pieces of art including sculptures, murals, landscaping and lighting. The laneway builds on the Brisbane City Council’s “Vibrant Laneway” initiative and continues Aria’s focus on evolving Fish Lane into Brisbane’s most dynamic dining and arts precinct.